John G-

I first used my BioCharlie a few weeks ago in a large backyard campfire and was quite impressed at both the quality of the biochar it produced and also how well it held up to the intense heat it was subjected to. It's very well designed for its intended purpose. The materials of construction have been well selected and I anticipate it will perform admirably for years to come. We have many house plants, a large vegetable garden every summer, and we start all our vegetable plants indoors from seeds, so the biochar it produces will definitely be put to good use. As an outdoorsman and occasional backpacker, I recently realized that my BioCharlie will also be very effective at creating large quantities of "char-cloth" for my camping trips (great method for starting fires).  



"I have been making Biochar in various ways for several years now and I really like this retort, its well made, easy to use and will last even with regular use."

"Great for research testing work with different feedstocks as well as just to have fun making biochar for your own use. Thanks for this cool tool..."



"This is such a great little retort for making biochar. Both the hardcore 'charista' and total neophyte will be able to make biochar easily with the BioCharlie. This can be used not only in a fireplace, but over campfires or with some of the larger biochar making kilns"


Jon W-

"I recently received a new BioCharlie. the construction was solid, very well made. I have used it once in an outside firepit, and the biochar turned out great! I currently have the biochar in a composting bin and can't wait to put the finished product in our garden. A fantastic product!!!"



"My family enjoys our organic garden and we've been searching for a sustainable and practical way to make biochar to use as a soil amendment. We received the BioCharlie and the simplicity and build quality is great. I was worried about it being able to stand up to high heat but this one is definitely solid. We're really impressed with this guy and can't wait to get some biochar in the garden next spring!"