Enjoy Your Fireplace Like Never Before - BioCharlie

The BioCharlie is a biochar making metal log that fits into your fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire pit. It is roughly the size of a fireplace log and looks like a log when in the fire. It is designed to make a small amount of biochar and may be re-used over and over, whenever you want to relax by your fireplace.

The making of biochar helps the environment by transforming kindling wood or any biomass into an extremely stable state of carbon. When the char is mixed into soil, the carbon is locked away for up to a millennia or longer. Biochar helps the soil by holding on to nutrients and fertilizers needed by plants inhibiting them from being washed away. It encourages microbial growth while absorbing water and keeping the soil more drought resistant.

You will enjoy your fireplace way more than ever before, knowing that you are doing your part to help your planet.  The BioCharlie is made of 24 gauge galvanized steel.  It is approximately 18" long with a 5" diameter.

Here is BioCharlie loaded with kindling wood.  Most people like to use either kindling or fallen dead branches from trees on their property.  Just about any plant material can be used as long as it is sufficiently dry for best results.

   BioCharlie loaded with kindling                         

This next photo shows BioCharlie ready to go in the fireplace.  It can be placed anywhere in the fire either up front or tucked out of view in the back of the hearth.

   BioCharlie ready to go in fireplace                         

As the fire burns, the contents in the container cook with very little oxygen to make a pure black char.


You can see fire burning downward from the BioCharlie in this next photo.  The gasses escaping through the vent holes are igniting and adding fuel to the fire.

      BioCharlieburning through vent holes                        

The next day after the fire goes cold, here is the finished product.  Pure black biochar!

      Biochar taken out of BioCharlie                           

Be a part of this grass roots effort to reduce the effects of global warming.  You can help simply by making biochar while enjoying an evening by your fireplace.

We all hear the warnings that climate change is a real and pending problem.  Everyone now finally agrees that global warming is a real threat.  But we seem to sit back and look to our governments or big corporations to fix it.  Can we really rely on them with all their political and profit motivations?

Up until now, there was not a lot people could do about it other than trying to conserve energy.    You are now able to make a difference and actually sequester some carbon yourself at your own home!  There is power in numbers and we can all make a difference by joining together on this. 

Here's the best part:  You can help simply by making biochar while enjoying an evening by your fireplace.  Making a little biochar with each fire is fun and easy.  The preparation is simple and only takes a couple minutes.  Then just sit back with good company, a favorite beverage, and relax.

Biochar does wonders for your garden but you don't have to be a gardener to attain its benefits.  Making biochar helps the planet even if you were to throw the biochar in the trash. It will take its place in a landfill and inhibit toxic and greenhouse gasses from escaping while locking away carbon.

The BioCharlie is also a great addition to your next camp fire or outdoor fire pit.