Using Your BioCharlie With Organic Fertilizers, and Other Great Ideas & Products From Down To Earth

by James Sauer October 22, 2017

Want to see what the BioCharlie biochar-making log is all about in-person? Well if you happen to be in Eugene, Oregon, now you can! America Sequesters CO2 has teamed up with Down To Earth—an organic home and garden products distributor out of Eugene—to display and sell the BioCharlie at their retail store.

But the good news is, if you are one of the many people not in Eugene right now, you can still view and purchase the BioCharlie here on our website, and see all the incredible products, services, and home and garden tips Down To Earth’s online store has to offer.

Nevertheless, we are so excited here at ASCO2 for the BioCharlie’s brick and mortar debut! Here he is (the BioCharlie), gracing the shelves of Down To Earth in Eugene:

The Biocharlie at Down To Earth in Eugene, Oregon The Biocharlie at Down To Earth in Eugene, Oregon

As some of you reading may know, we have been selling BioCharlies all over the U.S. through our website. Though our store remains online, we hope to develop more partnerships as we have with Down To Earth to bring more BioCharlies to local and sustainability-focused businesses nationwide.

Our mission at ASCO2 is to make environmentally conscious living accessible, simple, and fun. Given this mission, our BioCharlie is right at home in Down To Earth’s retail store. For 40 years Down to Earth has provided ecofriendly products and services to its customers in Eugene and nationwide. Well ahead of their time, Down To Earth has made all-natural products and natural and organic fertilizers available to their customers for many years. Now the BioCharlie offers these same customers a way to make their own organic and all-natural fertilizing supplements with biochar.

Down To Earth Storefront in Eugene, Oregon

Down To Earth headquarters in Eugene, Oregon

Organic fertilizer and biochar can help your garden and the planet in a number of ways. By avoiding chemical supplements, using organic fertilizers adds nutrients to and encourages microorganisms to populate your soil. The addition of biochar to your garden – charged up with compost – conserves the nutrients provided by organic fertilizers, and encourages microbial growth, aeration, and water retention. 

Down To Earth uses unique ingredients in each of its organic fertilizers in order to suit your gardening goals. Soil-specific or multi-purpose, Down To Earth blends their organic fertilizers using quality ingredients and paying special attention to the right proportions of nutrients for particular soils. 

Down To Earth's Extensive Fertilizer Selection

Just a peek at the extensive organic fertilizer selection at Down To Earth

They boast a full line of organic fertilizers, but the Down To Earth website also provides a wealth of resources on how to use these fertilizers, their other natural products, and start your own eco-friendly projects. Definitely check out these helpful tips, tricks, and DIY project guides here for gardening and green living inspiration!

You can learn more about biochar, and how it can benefit your garden, fertilizers, and composting in our many other blog posts.

ASCO2 heard about Down To Earth’s awesome inventory and business from Michael Wittman of Blue Sky Biochar – another great sustainability-focused business you can check out. Thanks Michael!

Together, and with small, everyday practices, we can make going green a reality – and a fun one at that!   

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James Sauer
James Sauer


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