Biochar Talks and How-to's: Carbon Farming & Biochar Workshop this Month!

by James Sauer May 11, 2017

Glad it's May? We are too, here at America Sequesters CO2. It was a long winter here in Western New York, but finally we can get outside and use some of our biochar in our gardens. ASCO2 is also particularly psyched this May because we'll be attending a Carbon Farming & Biochar Workshop in Romulus, NY!

On May 20th the BioCharlie team will be setting up shop--and learning all sorts of cool facts about biochar--at a day long event at Romulus' Boathouse Beer Garden. The program includes an introduction to various biochar businesses like our own, a lunch and local beer, and talks with noteworthy speakers. They will be covering everything from proposed carbon farming laws, to gardening and charring how-to's, and discussing biochar's long-term roles in climate change and the environment. 

Carbon Farming and Biochar Workshop Flyer

Beginning the day around 10 a.m., our very own BioCharlie will be presented at the workshop along with several other biochar-related products, businesses, and organizations. The program will then move into going over some biochar basics. Attendees will learn how to make biochar, become familiar with different equipment options for making it, and learn how to implement the wonders of biochar in their own gardens or farms.  

We're especially excited that the workshop will address how we can use and make biochar on individual levels, and then open the discussion to using it in our communities, providing a comprehensive look at the subject. 

Keynote speaker Professor Johannes Lehmann, PhD. of Cornell University's Soil and Crop Sciences Department will discuss this more comprehensive outlook. An expert on carbon cycles in soil and the development of biochar technology, Professor Lehmann will share his knowledge and research on creating solutions for sustainable soil and land use, and the future of biochar. 

Biochar's roles in soil, farms, and communities is especially pertinent at this workshop, since the Carbon Farming Act (A3281) was just proposed in the New York State Assembly this February.

Speakers at the workshop will therefore discuss the legislation and the possibilities it could create for biochar farming and usage in NYS. The bill, proposed by Assemblywoman Didi Barrett, would establish a tax credit for farmers who maximize carbon-sequestration techniques in their planting. Though the bill is still in the early development stages, its mere proposal is a big step for the biochar movement and environmental efforts in general.

Courtesy of Poughkeepsie Farm Project,

If all goes to plan, New York would be the first state in the country to pass such a bill. Questions like how to measure sequestration and proportionately distribute the tax credits involve metrics that still need sorting out. This will require observation over several soil cycles, and policy makers will also need to continue conversations with farmers. Nevertheless, it's great to hear biochar and carbon sequestration being talked about at the government level. At the end of the day, we're working to incentivize our valuable local farmers to put carbon back in the ground, where it belongs.

After lunch, the afternoon portion of the workshop will be spent on informal demonstrations of biochar products. Along with answering any questions about the BioCharlie and showing what it can do, we'll be selling our BioCharlies at a discounted rate! Instead of our website price of $59.95 or our Amazon price of $69.95, we'll be giving them away for just 50 bucks. 

I know we have a very widespread customer and reader base for the Biocharlie Blog, but if anyone nearby the Finger Lakes (or elsewhere) is interested in attending the workshop, feel free to reach out to me at or 716-791-7262. You can also get in touch with our friend Kathleen Draper from Finger Lakes Biochar to buy tickets or ask any questions at or 585-737-7282.

Tickets can also be bought right here. Each ticket costs $30 in advance or $40 at the door, and includes a delicious lunch and a refreshing local beverage of your choice. And even better, a portion of the ticket sales will buy organic produce to donate to a local food pantry.

Stay tuned, as we'll cover the happenings of the workshop right here on the Biocharlie Blog, and in real time via our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Boathouse Beer Garden   Boathouse Beer Garden

Boathouse Beer Garden--Looks like a cool place!

Carbon farming and craft brews, here we come.

Till next time,




James Sauer
James Sauer


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