BioCharlie Is Turning Over A New Leaf

by James Sauer March 05, 2020

We started out manufacturing our original BioCharlie back in 2015.  Hard to believe it has been that long ago already.  We were sourcing the steel using stove pipe parts and fabricating the BioCharlie by hand.  We had some real success shipping hundreds of units throughout the USA.  


Things were going okay and we had a couple retailers out west offering the product as well as doing on-line sales with Shopify and Amazon.  

Then the tariff scare came along and raised our steel prices more than a third.  We could no longer produce the retort for a reasonable price and it looked like the end of BioCharlie.  

What happened next was an idea that changed everything.  I was racking my brain over ways to make something that would work the same way and had some pretty crazy thoughts but nothing practical had come to me.  

Then, all of a sudden it was a no-brainer of an idea.  Introducing the BioCharlie Box.

The BioCharlie Box works the same way in your fireplace as the original BioCharlie.  Our second generation product is even better in a couple ways:

1.)  Greener.  We repurpose used military ammunition boxes that were made years ago so we don't use additional resources.  We never really calculated how much the  production of steel set us back with its carbon footprint.  However, I'm sure it was significant.  Repurposing the ammo boxes saves tons of additional CO2 verses the building of a container from scratch.  

 2.) Better.  The boxes are modified with the perfect degree of venting to make biochar efficiently in the fireplace.  The steel is a heavier gauge than our original BioCharlie and therefore holds up better in the extreme heat.  

3.) Loaded.  The new BioCharlie box comes ready-to-go and pre-loaded with hardwood pellets for the first burn.   All you have to do is put it in the fireplace and enjoy, knowing you are helping the environment.  We have found that the pellets are the easiest way to maximize the volume char made in the container.  Wood pellets are made from waste sawdust, making them of green origin as well.  

4.) Cheaper.  Last but not least we are able to offer the new BioCharlie Box kit for about thirty dollars less than our original model.   

We encourage you to try our new BioCharlie Box and let you fireplace go green tonight!




James Sauer
James Sauer


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