Biochar in Action! First of its Kind Biochar Plant to Make Stockholm More Climate Friendly

by James Sauer April 13, 2017

Finally, we're starting to see biochar in action in cities around the world! Stockholm, Sweden is one of the first--and shining--examples of a large urban center using biochar to enact a city-wide environmental project.

Just last month, on March 29th, Stockholm opened the first of five biochar-producing plants in efforts to sequester CO2, and provide energy and healthy soil to nearby neighborhoods.

Stockholm biochar plant

The first biochar plant opening in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Stockholm Biochar Project was the winning idea in 2014 for Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge--a contest for solutions to challenges in urban areas around the globe.

The Project found that climate change concerned a majority of Stockholm residents: 8 out of 10 said they wanted to be more active in fighting climate change. The city had also set a goal to be fossil-fuel free by 2040.

The Stockholm Biochar Project is an exciting step in the right direction for Swedes, as well as cities around the world that are already expressing interest in following their example.

Which makes sense, given the incredible benefits of the large-scale biochar-making plants. Stockholm expects to make 7,000 tons of biochar by 2020 just with this one plant. That will sequester 25,200 tons of CO2--equivalent to taking 3,500 cars off the road. Through its production of the char, the plant will also provide enough energy to heat over 80 apartments.

Stockholm's biochar plants will be a resource by the people, and for the people. City residents will provide plant waste to the facility, just as they would do their recycling or compost. In return, citizens benefit not only from the energy but from the biochar product they can use for their plants and gardens.

Sustainable Stockholm.

According to the Mayors Challenge website, Stockholm anticipates that city-wide use of Biochar will increase plant growth by up to 30%.

It also smartly observes that the Stockholm Biochar Project is "the first large-scale collaboration between local authorities and citizens in the generation of [biochar]."

It takes a city.

Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the Project!

Mayors Challenge - Stockholm Biochar Project from Innovation Unit on Vimeo.


It might take some time until we get our own large-scale biochar plant here in Upstate New York.  However, America Sequesters CO2 is working to bring biochar into more and more backyards from coast to coast with the fireplace ready BioCharlie product.

We know that even small acts of carbon sequestration can make a big difference.  

Carbon Farming Biochar Workshop FlyerI am particularly excited to join efforts with fellow NY biochar enthusiasts at the Carbon Farming and Biochar Workshop in the Finger Lakes this May. Speakers and researchers from RIT, Cornell, and Finger Lakes Biochar will cover all kinds of topics and local efforts in biochar.






Oh, and it's hosted at a beer garden! So you may see me talking with a BioCharlie in one hand and a pint in the other... but more on this to come.


From New York State to Stockholm, happy charring.


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James Sauer
James Sauer


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