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Here at America Sequesters CO2, we believe everyday practices stem climate change. Helping the environment and improving your garden can be fun and easy when you use the BioCharlie®. The BioCharlie goes into your fireplace like a log, but transforms kindling wood and other biomass into biochar while it burns. Warm up, go green—and see the results in your garden—with the BioCharlie!

Improve soil quality with biochar made right in your fireplace


America Sequesters CO2

  • Easily make biochar while enjoying a warm fire
  • Use right in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit
  • Use biochar as a soil enhancement for potted plants and gardens
  • Fight climate change with biochar by sequestering greenhouse gases
  • Handcrafted in the USA with American-made galvanized steel and comes fully assembled 
  • Approximately 18 inches in length and five inches in diameter
  • Now Ships Free!

Photos show the BioCharlie transforming kindling wood into biochar. Kindling wood is not included with product.

help the environment while enjoying a warm fire

You can use the BioCharlie to make biochar in your fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire pit. The retort makes a small batch of biochar with each fire, and can be re-used over and over. When you mix your biochar into the soil, it locks its carbon away for up to a millennium or longer.

Biochar keeps nutrients and fertilizers from washing away, encourages microbial growth, and absorbs and holds onto water, making your plants more drought resistant. You can turn almost any organic material into biochar in the BioCharlie, including wood chips, sticks, branches, scrap lumber, cardboard, nuts, and bones. 

Sequester Co2 with every batch of biochar

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Gore's book Our Choice pointed out some ways in which the climate change problem might be solved, with biochar being one piece of the puzzle.

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Using Your BioCharlie With Organic Fertilizers, and Other Great Ideas & Products From Down To Earth

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America Sequesters CO2 has teamed up with Down To Earth—an organic home and garden products retail store and distributor out of Eugene—to display and sell the BioCharlie at their retail store.

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