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let your fireplace go green tonight

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We believe that everyday practices stem climate change. With the BioCharlie Box, it's easy and enjoyable to reduce CO2 emissions, put nutrients back into the soil, and improve your garden. 

Make Biochar in Your Fireplace in Just 4 Steps

1. Load your BioCharlie Box with biomass, like wood pellets (included) or yard waste

2. Place the BioCharlie in your fireplace or fire pit right along with the logs

3. Enjoy a warm fire. Meanwhile, the BioCharlie will transform the biomass into biochar

4. The next day, remove your fresh biochar from the fireplace, charge it up in compost or fertilizer before adding to your garden.  You'll see the results - and feel great about going greener.


BioCharlie Box Biochar-Making Kit

America Sequesters CO2

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  • New for 2020! Better and greener product at a lower price!
  • Includes hardwood pellets for the first burn
  • Suitable for wood burning fireplaces, wood stoves and outdoor fire pits
  • Use biochar as a soil enhancement for potted plants and gardens
  • Made in the USA and re-purposed to make biochar
  • Full instructions included
  • Approximately 11.75" by 7" by 3.75"
  • Now Ships Free!

help the environment while enjoying a warm fire

You're all loaded and ready to go with a BioCharlie Box!  It's a pre-loaded kit filled with hardwood pellets for the first use.  The retort makes a small batch of biochar with each fire and can be re-used over and over. When you mix your biochar into the soil, it locks most of the carbon away for a thousand years or longer.

Stronger and less expensive than our original BioCharlie, this retort is also greener.  We modify US military ammunition cans that were made years ago, repurposing them for a new mission -to enhance soil quality and fight climate change.  

Biochar keeps nutrients and fertilizers from washing away, encourages microbial growth, and absorbs and holds onto water, making your plants more drought resistant.

You can turn any organic material into biochar in the BioCharlie, including wood chips, sticks, branches, scrap lumber, cardboard, nuts, etc. 

Sequester Co2 with every batch of biochar

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